My Journey To Flawless Underarms: Wink Laser Studio, Skin Station Axilight Laser Review

Alright, this is not easy for me to admit but here goes. I’ve always suffered a bumpy road when it came to my underarms. It really is the pits—pun intended. Blame it on being morena where we have a tendency to accumulate melanin and darker areas compared to our mestiza counterparts. Blame it on my years of harsh antiperspirants, shaving, plucking, and waxing. No matter how many whitening scrubs, gels, and soaps I’ve tried, I just can’t get them even because of the scars. Desperate, I checked out Wink, which was recommended by my friend. Then I switched to Skin Station to continue my journey.

Here’s my experience with Wink Laser Studio’s Gentlemax Pro laser and Skin Station’s Diode and Axilight lasers!

Wink Laser Studio – Gentlemax Pro Laser Hair Removal

I’ve had 3 sessions for hair removal with Wink (pics to be posted later). I immediately loved their bright yellow interior and instagrammable decor. The receptionist was friendly and the aesthetic nurses thoroughly explained the procedure with the use of iPad-like devices. After taking quick photos as a “before” pic and shaving the area, they proceeded to work on my underarms with the laser. Honestly, no pain. The cooling substance from the machine follows each zap—no cooling gel. What I liked about their service is how they really keep tabs on you after the procedure, with reminders of when to exfoliate, what products you can use, and when your next booking will be.

The hairs would fall out around 14 days after the session and hardly grow back. Sadly, they don’t really offer promos, and after 3 sessions worth 2,500 each, I found myself broke. So I searched for another alternative.

  • Price: P2,500 per session, P22,000 for 12 sessions for underarms alone (can be hair removal laser or Revlite which is their whitening offer)

Skin Station – Diode Laser Hair Removal

I was still getting hair and it looked patchy. So as soon as I saw the Skin Station promo of 2.5k for 4 Diode sessions, I paid for it. Their clinic in Southmall looked pretty bright and clean. The procedure is a bit different but mostly the same result. They shaved me, applied cooling gel, then proceeded to use the laser on me using gliding motions. Equally painless as Wink’s procedure but maybe it’s because I hardly had any hair left there after my 3 Wink sessions.

I was only able to avail 1 session of Diode because, guess what? Majority, around 95% of my hair stopped growing after that. There were only superfine 2 or 3 hairs on each pit. When I came in for my 2nd Diode session, the aesthetician said,

“Miss, no need for laser na. Sayang lang. Come back when you have at least 20 hairs on each pit.”

I inquired about their whitening laser because honestly, I was so excited I reached my goal early after 4 laser sessions (the Wink ladies estimated that I might take 6 sessions).

  • Price: P2,500 for 4 Diode underarm sessions

Skin Station Axilight (Nd:YAG laser)

Since I couldn’t do Diode that day (or rather, it’d be a waste), I availed the Axilight package (5 sessions) right away. Now, this laser was very different. I felt like rubber bands were being snapped against my skin. This time, I had my whitening sesh done by Dra. Teresa, which I prefer since I have stubborn spots and I trust that she can bump up the intensity safely.

  • Price: P8,000 for 5 Axilight underarm sessions (it wasn’t promo season. They have 7k for 6 sessions right now)

Before and After Skin Station Diode Axilight Laser Treatments (no filter)

Left – Right. After 1st Axilight Whitening Laser Session. (Yeah, yeah, they’re really dark but you can see a few areas that appear lightened). I’m shy but what the hell, I’m doing this for you, dear reader who needs to see if this service is worth the moolah.

Left – Right. After my 3rd Axilight Whitening Laser Session. I can see some minor improvements (my right armpit is a lot darker and bumpier than my left FYI)

Left – Right. This is 2 weeks after my 5th Axilight Session. I think a lot of areas have evened out, but I still have a long way to go before they’re “pit perfect” LOL. This is also Day 1 of my Skin Potions Pit Potions application (maybe that’s why they look brighter), which I’ll review that after 20 days, so stay tuned!

VERDICT: [UPDATED as of 3/18/2020] The results aren’t drastic after my finishing my 5 Axilight Whitening Laser sessions package. The remaining hairs have turned white and I can also see that some areas have lightened, I now have minimal chicken skin now, and that white stripes in the middle from the laser have appeared. The laser casts a white shadow so the dark areas look grayer instead of dark brown. Maybe I need more treatments since I have prominent scars from shaving, plucking, and waxing era. I probably need 5 more sessions but I’d need to save up a lot for that. I might explore diamond peeling, bleaching, or creams instead of booking the next 5 sessions—laser is too pricey for me at the moment.

I think what Axilight did for me was to level out the playing field by getting rid of bumps and super-deep pigments before I start exfoliating and bleaching the surface. It works but please don’t expect miraculous, commercial model results. Score: 3.5/5. 

But at least, I’m a little more confident while I do yoga surrounded by classmates. I’ll let you guys know as soon as I get good progress pics from the clinic! At least I don’t think I have to shave again this year. If the hair ever grows back, I still have my 3 remaining Diode Hair Removal sessions for maintenance!


  • Switch to organic, non-whitening deodorant and only use it a few days after your session. I use Zenutrients Tea Tree Cooling Deo Spray
  • Don’t wet the area or work out intensely for 24 – 48 hours (I think this rule is more relaxed for Axilight—no wetting for 2 hours)
  • Apply hydrocortisone for 2 – 3 days after your session
  • Do not shave, wax, nor pluck in between treatments. If you really HAVE to, just shave. You want to be hairy before your session, trust me
  • If you’re going to visit the beach or get exposed to UV rays during your travel, tell call them to postpone your next session—they’ll let you know when it’s okay to proceed
  • Stop the use of all whitening creams and etc. They make your skin more sensitive, thin, and prone to burning during laser

Good luck to all of us trying to get perfect skin! Remember to love yourself no matter what step you are. You don’t need to do things you’re not comfortable with to please others. I’m doing this for myself.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post (heh, I wish!). I bought these services with my own money and this is my honest experience with the brands mentioned.

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