Bleach Fried The Eff Outta My Hair! Here’s How I Saved It

When you’ve bleached your hair multiple times, there are annoying consequences to deal with. Have you tried combing your hair, only to find that huge tangles start right after your healthy black roots? Are you experiencing knots at the back of your hair, along with L-shaped splits? Is it harder to style or shape your hair due to its gummy texture? If you’re at your wit’s end about restoring straw-like, walis tingting hair, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve fucked up my hair multiple times. And it’s possible to bring it back to life.

So how’d I get my hair’s original bounce and silkiness again, enough to get an ash blonde balayage? Let me take you through a hair-rific journey and share some tips to get your bleached hair back to a healthy state!

2017 Bleached Ombre (Orange) Hair + Manic Panic Ultraviolet

While it might look passable in photos, I had a hard time combing this. If you look closely, my hair is in knots and has an unnatural wavy texture (my original hair is very fine/silky straight or, as salon people put it, bagsak). It’s because the bleach fried it, especially the ends. By the end of 2017, I’ve undergone 3 bleaching/highlight sessions with ash brown dye over it, initially. I had fun playing with Manic Panic Ultraviolet as a way to tone my hair.

2018 Bleached Ombre Hair + Etude House Two Tone Treatment (Forest Green)

Looks good right? I spotted Billie Eilish locks way before she became famous here, haha. But still, I could not comb through my locks at all.

Grass Type Hair Faded To Ugly Yellow-Green Mess

After a couple of beach trips, the supposedly temporary Etude House Two Tone Treatment wouldn’t budge. I tried everything to get it out. While it faded, the ends started to look crimpled. It looked like cotton candy and felt awful. Every day, it would break off because it was so damn dry. And it took forever to grow, too.

May 2018, December 2018: Dyed Dark Brown + Lightened Ends

So I headed to the salon to have it dyed to a level 4 dark brown (close to my original dark brown color). I asked them to lighten the ends for a sombre (soft ombre) look. It finally felt like my hair again (sometimes dry), but a far cry from my Green Days—get it? No? Well, anyway, I’d also underdone Olaplex 1 and 2 at the salon while they dyed my hair back to brown. This has helped immensely! Promise. I think it should cost around 1.5k—ask your local salon if they offer it.

So, Where’s The “Save My Bleached Hair Part”? Here Are My Top 5 Tips:

1. Use Non-Sulfate Shampoo And Conditioner For Colored Hair

The most important tip for me! Using non-sulfate shampoos made my colored hair feel better. Pictured above: Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Smoothing Shampoo and Creamsilk Triple Keratin Ultimate Color Revive. Try not to miss the suds too much. Not pictured here, but I recommend the EverPure Moisture line from L’Oréal. These shampoos typically cost around P200-300 but worth they’re worth it in the long run.

2. Find A Deep Conditioning Treatment For Damaged Hair

Okay, expensive. The Kerastase line at David’s Salon cost me an arm and a leg (around 5k+) so the cheaper alternative is to buy Olaplex no.3 (Take home treatment). The Olaplex cost me around 1.6k, as I had my family buy it for me from Sephora SG.

Both of these treatments worked on my hair after a few uses. But Olaplex actually rebuilds the broken disulfide bonds in hair.

But if you’re sick of splurging on your hair, try deep conditioning masks from Cream Silk, Kerastase, or other brands. The affordable hair masks have less of an effect on my hair since they tend to mask it with moisture, instead of repairing the bonds.

3. Dye It Closer To Your Natural Color And/Or Give Coloring A Rest

Like I said above, I went back to being a dark brown and my hair stopped making tampo, reverting back to its natural texture. Your hair likely needs a vacation from the chemicals, even from temporary rinse-type dyes. Those can be very drying, as I experienced with Etude House.

4. Wash your hair every other day (sans heat styling!)

I admit, it felt gross at first. First, it’s scorching hot in the Philippines. Secondly, I have very thin, straight hair, so I looked like Severus Snape for a while (before discovering the genius that is dry shampoo). But eventually, my scalp adjusted! Your colored hair is drier so it needs your natural oils, okay? Think of your mane like a t-shirt. The more you wash it, the more it tends to get ratty. So try to prolong your washes as much as possible! Also no straightening irons or curlers. If you must, use a heat protectant and only use a blowdryer on the lowest setting!

5. Trim, trim, trim 

Just like bad exes, you need to let them go. Cut them dead ends loose and don’t be afraid to sport a shorter look! I’ve asked my hairstylist to trim off damaged ends until I reached the dark brown hair stage again. After that, no stylist has ever complained about “stiff” hair again. Trimming saves the rest of your hair from getting frayed (like the end of the ribbon).

So there you have it! Hope your hair gets back to being like a virgin…hair. Lol. If you ask questions about anything hair topic, please feel free to send me a message. Stay fabulous, y’all.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I bought these services with my own money and this is my honest experience with the brands mentioned above.

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