Another Happy Skin Haul: Lip Mallow, Glossy Tint, Morning Dew Foundation and Liptint

Happy skin lippies

I realize that I’ve been hoarding Happy Skin products for some time now, like my recent Lip Mallow and Anti E-aging foundation purchase. I only have the 9.9 sale to blame. I tell myself: Donna, stop buying Happy Skin products damnit, you’re not their influencer or anything, and you still didn’t finish your previous stash. (Of course I still bought some like the stubborn gal that I am.)

Happy Skin Morning Dew Foundation in Soft Beige

I was on the lookout for some mask-friendly foundation this time. I love hyaluronic acid as an ingredient in my skincare, not to mention the cooling factor. I saw it on sale for the price of 799 PhP. Which is not bad considering this was around 1k when it launched. I already mentioned before that I hate heavy foundation. What I look for in a foundie are 3 things: high SPF, sheer coverage (to even out my redness and pores), and moisturizing properties. This foundie has all 3 and I was running out of the Anti E-aging one, so I went for it. I usually only buy once a year.

For the lippies, I have no excuse. I love hoarding them. They’re the only makeup staple I need when it comes to Zoom meetings and

Where do I begin? Oh right, the swatches.

Swatchy, swatchy

Fresh Morning Dew Cooling Water Foundation: Soft Beige

Right off the bat, I thought Soft Beige would be too white on me, but surprisingly, it blended well with my skin. I got Honey Beige for the Anti E-aging foundie last time, and there were only 2 variants for the Fresh Morning Dew foundies: Soft Beige and Light Beige. Obvious I’m a morena so I chose the darker shade. Then again, I hardly go out of the house since the pandemic and as a result, my skin tone got lighter.

BEFORE: Bare-faced, no foundation


AFTER: Wearing Fresh Morning Dew Water Cooling Foundie in Soft Beige


You can’t even tell I’m wearing foundie, right? LOL. (But you can tell I’m wearing contacts, I reviewed those also.) Notice the pores on my nose and slight redness—it got evened out thanks to this. The feel is weirdly refreshing, as if I’m just spreading water on my face.

The hyaluronic acid is already something I use in my skincare because it plumps up my gaunt face (when I don’t get good sleep). Because it’s so sheer, I don’t recommend this to those who need more coverage (acne-prone). Instead, this is a great alternative for ladies who love tinted moisturizers. I can see myself wearing this everyday. Not gonna lie, I wore this to a yoga class and it didn’t melt off with the sweat. I like it better than the Anti E-ging, if only because it’s lighter and more refreshing.

L to R: Cooling Tint in Latte Fix , Lip Mallow in Fresh Brew, Glossy Tint in Tanned

Because I already loved Lip Mallows and wanted a nude shade, I bought 1 more! Read more of my Lip Mallow review here. I wanted to try a glossier shade since lip glosses are trending again. Plus, I love cooling ingredients, hence the other 2 purchases.

Lip Mallow in Fresh Brew

The shade is very subtle and close to my actual lipcolor. It’s coffee-scented and long wearing. In the picture, I had dry, flaky lips, but this lippy masked it and made it look more plump.

Kiss & Bloom Glossy Tint in Tanned


I love this natural reddish pink shade! It makes my lips look thicker because of the light reflecting properties. The Kiss & Bloom Glossy Tint advertised by Kath Bernardo doesn’t disappoint. It has Green Tea and Hops Flower Extracts to boost moisture levels. I stopped wearing lip gloss for several years because matte was in, and lipgloss was just too sticky. This is more creamy and weightless, so yay, more power to 2000s trends coming back!

Cooling Lip Tint in Latte Fix

Last but not least, Latte Fix isn’t exactly the most pigmented of the bunch. While this isn’t a good pic (sorry about the lighting and blurriness), it shows how much I struggled to make the color even on my lips. You need 2 swipes of it to really show on your cheeks and lips. I suspect the reddish -orange shade, Sunrise, would have better results. Nevertheless, I loved the cooling sensation and softness—I reach for this on at-home, no-video-call days as it helps soften my lips and gives me a pinch of color overall.

What do you think about Happy Skin’s products? Personally I love them because they’re hiyang on my skin but the prices are sometimes on the premium side. I also like BLK, MAC, and Colourpop lippies, but it seems like I always come back to this brand.

How has your beauty routine or products changed during this pandemic? Let me tell you about my update skincare routine real soon! Drop a comment down below (I read all your comments). Stay safe, y’all.

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